Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Visitor Birds: A Long Journey

The Arctic tern is the champion of all super and covers longer distances of migration of Arctic North to spend the winter in Antarctica. (Remember that our winters are summers). They travel 20,000 km to reach 20,000 in the other way back.

It's that time of year when you begin to feel the pinch in the air and the day quickly, giving way to night. Before we know it winter will be upon us, I tell myself as I wander down a path of family forest. Ulooka, owl, greets me from the hollow of a tree.

I look up to see a huge white and black V-formation in the sky in the morning. A group of cranes, Demoiselle. These people are coming from Central Asia through the Himalaya.

Do you know we are over 300 species of birds from the winter? All of our forests, lakes, wetlands, swamps and water bodies will host foreign guests. So keep a sharp eye for them.

Becomes unbearable cold in the freezing winter months in the northern hemisphere and birds travel great distances from Russia, Eastern Europe, Iran and Africa to come here. Flying over the deserts and mountain ranges, often non-stop for days, some of them do not travel through the long grueling. Which is why there are a lot of preparation that goes before the migration.

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