Sunday, November 27, 2011

A lesson about in the wild Animal

I was with some of my friends and a baby in one of the vast grasslands of Africa. We had gone there to experience life in nature, the animals in their place of origin and not behind bars, generally dry grasslands with a lot of zebra, antelope and wild bulls. Delighted with our new order to better understand the nature, we moved with our binoculars as quietly as possible.

At that time, my foot got caught in a wild vine and fell crying in pain. By fall, the baby in my arms also fell but fortunately was not hurt. The following series of events that happened in an instant - I heard a roar heard somewhere close shots and turned just in time to see the glorious black and orange stripes to pounce on me. At that time the others in my group had run for safety. They could do nothing to help.

The beast turned to me and with each step I took, I could feel myself about to death. I do not have the strength to move from my position. However, the tiger cheated on me and went straight with a grin for the baby who is near me. I could not do anything but pray with all my strength. Just as I was showing all the signs of a movement there was a theft in the bushes and out came jumping merrily, the tiger cub.

Perhaps he was delighted to see another creature of the same age, or what other reason, but the puppy away from his mother and patted the boy with his skin and within seconds I heard a baby laugh.

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