Monday, March 28, 2011

Tiger Census Counts 1,706 increases in Year 2010

India's wild tiger population has increased 12 per cent in the last four years.

Year 2006 census had figured that there were 1,411 tigers, without including any from the Sunderbans.

According to the 2010 year tiger census, whose results were declared on Monday, there are approximately 1,706 of the big cats in the country, which includes about 70 in the marshes of the Sunderbans, which have never been scientifically surveyed before.

2006 year - 1411 tigers

2010 year - 1706 tigers

The population of 295 tigers increases compared last four years.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Sparrow Day March 20

World Sparrow Day observed as March 20 all over the world. Why a Sparrow Day? Because the total of sparrows is quick dwindling and we humans need to do something drastic rethinking about our lifestyle and the environment to save these small little birds. It is also an opportunity to get together all bird lovers so that we can find ways to maintain endangered and exotic wildlife. The theme for this year is “Chirp for the sparrow! Tweet for the sparrow!”

It is time we inquired ourselves: Have we driven out the little bird?

You can
Sprinkle grain on the terrace

Keep out cuddle boxes and clean water

Avoid chemical pesticides and insecticides – opt for organic ones

Lead a more environment friendly life

You can also join the World House Sparrow Day group on Facebook. -

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sone Naing Khwint Music Album

Sone naing khwint album: For those of us sone naing album who've been uncharacteristically blanketed in snow for the last week or so, that sounds nice. And who better for a little audio sone naing in the week before Mardi Gras. These guys have been rocking the New Orleans horn thing hard. In this album 9 tracs there, full rocking.

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1 - Min Ne Chit Tar

2 - Na Lone Thar Phyaunt Chat

3 - Sone Naing Khwint

4 - Valentine Nya

5 - A Lo At Sone Chit Thu

6 - A Sone Mae Sont Hlut Chin

7 - A Pyit

8 - Thi Chin Ne Min

9 - Ma Way Chin Bu