Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A ‘home away from home' for pet Dogs

As summer approaches many pet owners are in a quandary as they prepare to go on vacation. For many, they are forced to leave their pet kennels in the city centers seek to be "a home away from home" for dogs and cats.
To be an exception with more owners tend to stay home because their children have exams. During the summer, such as boarding facilities with more people bringing their pets.

A regular regimen of walking, feeding and grooming is still in the shipping centers that offer a professional service. "We get to know the eating habits of routine animal owner and continue with it.

Some centers take pets and sell them or even kill animals. Therefore, it is important for owners to visit the kennel and make sure it is hygienic and all the facilities

But, unfortunately, about 10 percent of wealthy homeowners leave their pets for care and then leave your pets.

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