Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elephant Collar woes and other foes

Humans shoot the target animal with a script that has a drug that causes sleep.

The victim begins to feel wool head, I guess he or she falls to the ground helpless, a little like fainting.

The approach of humans, the adjustment in the neck that has a radio transmitter in it.

The radio collar helps track the animal.

"Well, we had five of our dear companions who die in the last two months. Four of them met to slaughter Resident Evil - The poacher.

They all had the severed head of the most horrific imaginable, and its tusks were missing, "her voice broke when he went to say that officials were trying to reject the deaths were due to poaching.

Poachers are greedy after the ivory elephants. Only the males have tusks, which are really their incisors that keep arising throughout their lives.

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