Friday, February 24, 2012

The Bears Dancing Amazing

The bears feature as significant characters in many of our success stories. But, have you seen the images of bears abused so that their owners can make a keep out of it?

The horrible exercise of dancing bears and the deliver and rehabilitation projects to check this was one of the issues talked about at a symposium held in the city recently looked by many animal welfare organizations in India. Dr. Arun Sha, veterinary officer at Wildlife SOS's Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre, in his presentation explaining the projects carried out by the organization to prevent this practice, said that sloth bears were mainly poached for this purpose. Wildlife SOS with the affirm of the Government and other organisations had delivered 600 dancing bears.

The practice of utilizing dancing bears for entertainment in India dates endorse to the Mughal era when Kalandars were hired in courts. Though it was banned by law in 1972, studies found that as of 2002, there were more than 1,200 dancing bears all above the country.

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