Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Save Forests - Batting for the bat

Do not disturb the trees, caves, buildings with Bats

Do not cut trees with hangers

Identify the colonies of bats in the school and observe without disturbing.

Observe bats in temples and other sacred places and talk to their friends and family appreciate its usefulness.

Avoid using chemicals in their gardens. Some insecticides can harm bats, which, naturally, get rid of pests, insects that concern us.

Bats feed on harmful insects and rats which reduces the vectors that spread these diseases. The only mammals that can fly, which come from both tropical and temperate regions.

Mostly black or brown, can also be bright orange, yellow, silver, white, gray and some also have spots and stripes on its body and wings. The home of a bat is called a hen. Not like a bird nest or burrow like a snake. There are two types of bats - bats and fruit bats insects.

There are 14 kinds of fruit bats in South Asia alone

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