Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bird watching in desert

The sun is beating down difficult on us when we arrive – a motley group of tourists from across the world – to watch a falconry display in Dubai late one afternoon. We are on the edge of a vast expanse of desert, gently undulating sand dunes in what we see.
I had vaguely assumed that birds would be greater, and the falconer would be more fierce.

In contrast, a thin man, unassuming young future in traditional white dress is blinding on setting up their paraphernalia expressionless. The hawks - are hawks, which then gives - is tied to a pole in the sand, with a delicately ornamental hood covering his eyes (it seems cruel to me who is blind, until I learned that it is necessary to allow birds to adjust their powerful vision for the new environment).

Still, with no vary in expression, the falconer gets one of the birds to perch on his arm (covered with a cushiony cuff), and the tourists quickly erupt in a volley of photo-clicking. The bird was transferred to the arms of the visitors are bolder and more shooting.

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