Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Sparrow Day March 20

World Sparrow Day observed as March 20 all over the world. Why a Sparrow Day? Because the total of sparrows is quick dwindling and we humans need to do something drastic rethinking about our lifestyle and the environment to save these small little birds. It is also an opportunity to get together all bird lovers so that we can find ways to maintain endangered and exotic wildlife. The theme for this year is “Chirp for the sparrow! Tweet for the sparrow!”

It is time we inquired ourselves: Have we driven out the little bird?

You can
Sprinkle grain on the terrace

Keep out cuddle boxes and clean water

Avoid chemical pesticides and insecticides – opt for organic ones

Lead a more environment friendly life

You can also join the World House Sparrow Day group on Facebook. -

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